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John Sopko invited to the NPC’s 84th weekly meeting; Eight contracts approved


KABUL: The 84th weekly meeting of the National Procurement Commission (NPC) was held at the presidential palace on Saturday evening, dated 28/01/2017, presided by His Excellency Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

John Sopko; the Special Inspector General for Reconstruction of Afghanistan (SIGAR) was also invited and participated in this meeting. 

At the beginning, His Excellency, the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan congratulated the NPC members and the National Procurement Authority ( NPA) on the progress Afghanistan has made on the Corruption Pereception Index of Transparency International by obtaining  five- improving points in its scoring,  and because the indefatigable efforts of both NPC and NPA have been considered as one of the main reasons of this progress. Besides,, the officials of NPA expressed their gratitude to His Excellency, the President of Afghanistan, and all the members of NPC for their guidance and strong support, and expressed assurance  further commitments and efforts of NPA staff for the realization of the strategic objectives of the Procurement Reforms, especially, further strengthening transparency and the fight against corruption.. 

Afterwards, NPC discussed the contracts proposed by ministries and independent government agencies included in the agenda of the meeting, and, as a result, approved 8 contracts with the total value of 4.7 billion Afghanis, and returned 11 contracts for further review and  assurance of  proper conduct  of their technical and feasibility studies. The following were among the contracts approved by the commission: 
- The designing and construction of Tangi Shadyan Dam in Balkh province and Kaylee Dam in Samangan province that were approved in Principe. 
- The rehabilitation of Shaflan Canal in Pashtoon Zaghon District of Herat Province
- The Amendment of the Contract of the Construction of Yateem Taepa Intake and the Strengthening of the banks of Amo River in Yangi Qala District of Takhar Province
- The Amendment of the Contract of Construction of the Road from Jabalusaraj to Nijrab
- The Procurement and Installation of Informational Technology equipment for the universities of Kabul, Polytechnic, Kabul Medical Institute and Parwan and Wardak Higher  
- And several other propane and maintenance contracts of the Ministry of Interior Affairs (MoIA).
On the other hand; the majority of the projects that were returned by the commission included the designing and construction of dams/intakes in Paktia, Khost, Laghman, Bamyan, Dikondi, Parwan, Farah, Badghis, Takhar, Kandahar and Oruzghan provinces. NPC returned the projects address procurement issues, especially technical and financial capacities of the companies involved, andthe proper conduct technical and feasibility studies. When deliberating on these projects, His Excellency, the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan stated that there is no doubt that the construction of dams and intakes are of the priorities of National Unity Government and dire needs of people of Afghanistan. However, NPC is trying to make sure that   the challenges and problems occurred in the past in such big projects, and consequently, public properties of the people of Afghanistan were misused by corrupt elements for many years, is not repeated. The President   added that a transparent environment for dialogue with the private Afghan companies is required so that they are encouraged to invest in large infrastructure projects and those, companies possessing solid capacities and potentials are provided the opportunity totake part in the implementation of infrastructure projects through sound and transparent competition.  
Furthermore, NPC returned the contract of the Fertilizer and Power Plant of Mazar-i-Sharif for the procurement of spare parts, and decided that the rehabilitation and modernization concept for the Plant should be presented by the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum and the Economic Advisor tothe President at the High Economic Council. 
In addition, when discussing the projects of the Ministry of Public Works, NPC assigned the ministry to take necessary actions for establishing an effefctive Project Management System using modern technology.  
 In addition to NPC members, His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Abdullah; Chief Executive of the National Unity Government, His Excellency, Mohammad Sarwar Danish; the 2nd Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,  the Ministers of Finance, Economy and Justice, Seniro Advisor to the President on Infrastructure Affairs, the officials of the National Procurement Authority (NPA), the Transparency Observers from SIGAR, the members of the National Economy Commissions of the Lower and Upper Houses of the Parliament, the Parliamentary Anti-Corruption Caucus (PACC) and   the Combined Security Transition Command for Afghanistan (CSTC-A) of the Resolute Support had also participated in the meeting.