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NPC Approves Five Contracts with the Total Value of One Billion Afghanis 


KABUL: The 91st Weekly Meeting of the National Procurement Commission (NPC) was held at the Presidential Palace on Sunday evening, dated 19/03/2017, presided by His Excellency Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

In this meeting NPC approved five contracts with the total value of One billion Afghanis. The following projects were the main projects approved in the meeting: 
- Purchasing of tables, chairs and solar systems for schools of in 12 provinces 
- Procurement of food items for health care centers of the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH)
- The Consulting Services Project for capacity development of  Afghanistan Supreme Audit Office 
- Cost extension of the contracts of the maintenance and repairing of generators and power plants of the central and regional divisions of the Afghan National Army. 
- And procurement of the food stuffs of the Administrative Office of the President
 NPC; however, rejected the amendment of the Contract of Consulting Services for monitoring the rehabilitation of the Power Plant and Power Distribution Network of Ghrishk in order to find an alternative service provider for it. 

From the other hand, NPC approved the establishment of an Special Committee for further expediting  the processes of key infrastructural projects, such as; energy, electricity, road, railways and habitat, the concept of which was developed by the Senior Advisor of the President in Infrastructural Affairs and National Procurement Authority (NPA).

Moreover, NPA presented a detailed annual report of the 1395 fiscal year, reflecting the performances and achievements of the National Procurement Commission (NPC) and NPA, as well as the existing challenges faced in the procurement reform. His Excellency, the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, members of NPC and national and international observers. His Excellency, the President of Afghanistan thanked NPA for the preparation and presentation of such a detailed report, and stated that he would, after reading the report, share his instructions and comments to NPA if any.

His Excellency, Sarwar Danish, the 2nd Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the Ministers of Finance, Economy and Justice, the Senior Advisor of the President in Infrastructural Affairs, the officials of the National Procurement Authority, observers from SIGAR, National Economy Commission, the Finance and Budget Commission of the Lower House (Wolisi-jirga) and Upper House (Mashrano-jirga), the Parliamentary Anti-Corruption Caucus (PACC) and the members  of CSTC-A had also participated in the meeting.