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NPC approves 11 contracts worth 955 million Afs


KABUL: The 92nd weekly meeting of the National Procurement Commission (NPC) was held at the presidential palace on Sunday evening, April 9, 2017, presided by His Excellency Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

In this meeting 27 contracts and procurement issues were discussed and assessed, and 11 contracts with the total value of 955 million Afs were approved, which included the following:

- Procuring electric equipment for Sarubi District Dam belonging to DABS 
- Time & cost extension for the power transmission line project from Turkmanistan border to Noor-e- Jahad
- Procuring two types of fuel needed for the healthcare centers of MoPH
- Procuring 14 foodstuff items for healthcare centers of MoPH
- Procuring 1st lot of infrastructural system and IT for connecting Mostofiats and  customs to Ministry of Finance  
- Construction contract of heating and cooling ( HVAC) system belonging to MoF
- Procuring two types of fuel needed for High Ranking Official’s Protection and Security Services Directorate
- Procuring foodstuff requirements of Nangarhar University
- Procuring foodstuff requirement of higher education institutes and Ministry of Higher Education’s Cadre Hospital
- Procuring fuel required by the Saalang Maintenance Directorate 
- And time extension of Sharana to Angur Adah road construction
The National Procurement Commission; however, rejected the proposed contract of completing the remaining and addition work of Ministry of Interior Afairs (MoI)  seven story building, procuring seven items of new computer system’s equipment, procuring 12 items equipment of firefighting  of the Ministry of Defense’s Directorate of Emergency Situations, request of termination of contract of Air Force fuel belonging to Ministry of Defense (MoD) as well, and proposed contract of Ariana Afghan Airline to procure aircrafts fuel for domestic airports. NPC decided that the remaining work of the seven story building of MoI shall be completed by the Housing Enterprise (Sherkat e Khana Sazi), MoD’s computerizing system and firefighting equipment contracts should be rebidded and the fuel contract of domestic airports shall be reprocessed as decided by the commission

On the other hand, NPC canceled the bidding process of security services for Hamid Karzai, Kandahar and Herat International Airports and taking into consideration the security sensitivity of these airports and the Hajj process commencing soon, decided that the contract should be re-awarded with the company which is currently providing security services for the mentioned airports because considering  the security importance of these airport, the companies who do not have enough experience in this field, will face problems on the ground. NPC also decided that the company who currently has the contract, should clear its tax with the Ministry of Finance.

Moreover, National Procurement Commission discussed the contract issue of air transportation of more than 30 thousand people to Hajj and taking into account the significance of Hajj process and the sensitivity of its time, decided that since the bidding process for Hajj did not had optimal result, therefore it should be cancelled and Ministry of Hajj have to start working on rebidding process of this contract with Ariana Afghan Airlines. 
H.E. the President instructed that Administrative Office of the President and Ministry of Hajj shall consider some quotas for the families of martyrs.
H.E. the Second Vice President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan also insisted that in bidding process of the contract with the Ariana Afghan Airline consideration should be given to decreasing the cost to a  reasonable level to the extent possible. 

NPC also discussed reconsideration proposal of Ministry of Public Works regarding Dushi to Bamyan road project and instructed that the mentioned project’s issue be shared with its donor (The World Bank) by the Ministry of Finance and the National Procurement Authority and its result should be presented again to NPC for a decision to be made. The NPC; however, did not approve the MoPW’s proposed recommendations for completing the 1st and 3rd lots of Kandahar to Terinkut road, and decided that this project shall be completed by the Engineering Brigade of MoD and Ministry of Public Works (MoPW) Work Corps.  

From the other hand, National Procurement Commission heard the report by investigating team  on MoD’s purchasing of two Boeing Aircrafts from Ariana Afghan Airline a few years ago, and referred the issue to Attorney General’s Office for legal prosecution and referral to Anti -Corruption Justice Center

In this meeting, His Excellency, Mohammad Sarwar Danish; the Second Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,  the Ministers of Finance, Economy and Justice, Senior Advisor of the President in Infrastructure Affairs, the officials of the National Procurement Authority (NPA), the Transparency Observers from SIGAR, the  members of the Defense Affair Commission of the Lower House and the National Economy, Financial and Budgetary Commission of the Upper House of the Parliament, and   the Combined Security Transition Command for Afghanistan (CSTC-A) of the Resolute Support had also participated.