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NPC approves 32 contracts worth 6.290 billion Afs


KABUL: The 95th weekly meeting of the National Procurement Commission (NPC) was held at the presidential palace on Sunday evening Apr 30, 2017, presided by His Excellency Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. In this meeting 36 procurement issues were discussed and finally 32 contracts with the total value of 6 billion and 290 million Afs were approved, which included the following projects:

- Asphalting contracts of the Piruzi residential project’s phase C roads (C1 & C2 lots);
- The 1st part project of establishing ICT center and solar system in Shaikh Zayed University;
- The Kabul river cleansing project from Artel (Harten) bridge to Abdulhaq square lengthening 4.7 km;
- Construction and asphalting project of Kabul’s 15th district roads;
- Basic maintenance project of 13 generators (procuring of parts, its installation, activation and wages) for Gambiri Garrison of the Selab 201 Corps;
- Procurement contract of 46 medical repairing equipment needed for the Health Command of the Army’s Chief of Staff;
- Transportation of 100 thousand metric tons of wheat from Hairatan Port to 6 province;
- Procurement and supply contract of electronic equipment for Gerishk City’s Energy Distribution Network in Helmand;
- Procurement and installation of Bulk Meters required by the Breshna Company (DABS);
- Consultancy services contract (hiring partners) to implement the Citizen’s Charter Program in Balkh, Herat, Kandahar and Nangarhar provinces;
- The repair and maintenance project of electricity, air-condition and generators (3rd lot); and
- Constructing 3 new security checkpoints, repairing 4 old checkpoints with roads, and placing barriers around the  Central Base Command in Maidan Wardak, needed by the MoI;
- The cost and time extension project of 53 internet unit, and also the cost and time extension contracts of the internet services projects of (Back-Up-Link and Main-Link) to automatize the customs, required by the MoF;
- The rental contract of the New Kabul Bank central complex as well as the security contract of the central and provincial branches of the bank;
- Consultancy services contract for monitoring the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the Faizabaad to Eshkashim (from Baharak to Eshkashim lengthening 108 km) in Badakhshan;
- The construction project from Shurabak to Spin Boldak lengthening 23.92 km in Kandahar (4th lot);
- The monitoring project of Sharana to Angur Adah road construction in Paktika province (cost and time extension); and
- Consultancy services contract (hiring partners) to implement the national program of Citizen’s Charter in Nimruz, Farah, Herat, Faryab, Badghis, Bamyan, Daikundi, Baghlan, Kunduz, Samangan, Parwan, Panjshir, Kapisa, Kabul, Lugar, Maidan Wardak, Ghazni and Paktika provinces.

In this meeting, the MoPH and MoPW contracts of building liquid injection factory in Kabul and the construction project of building railway in Aaqina Port, were returned due to technical problems. Regarding, the NPC instructed that the current procurement process of the above mentioned project of MoPH, be cancelled and the mentioned project’s procurement affairs shall be advanced through the single source. Regarding the railway building in Aaqina Port, NPC decided that a joint representative from MUDA and the MoEc should assess the issue and report back to the National Procurement Commission (NPC).
From the other hand, the NPC rejected the survey and design contract of the 1st and 2nd lots of the Qaisar-Laman road and the design and construction project of 8 cold storage (time extension without cost) in 6 provinces. In this meeting, the NPC decided that in order to carry on the Qaisar-Laman road project, the current contract of the project be cancelled and its rebidding process should be started soon, also the H.E. president’s office must be reported in this regard on monthly basis.

In addition, NPC instructed the MAIL authorities to carry out a comprehensive investigation regarding the construction project of 8 cold storage in 6 provinces and reprimand those who are responsible for the poor management of the project. In this meeting, the NPC also reiterated that the design and construction components of the cold storage project in 6 provinces shall be separated, in case if there is no technical issue and the mentioned project’s work progress is not affected by.

It worth mentioning that the Citizen’s Charter program is one the priorities to the National Unity Government (NUG), and the it will implement the following development programs throughout the country in the upcoming 10 years:

- Infrastructural Health Services;
- Infrastructural Access to Education;
- Delivering Development Services and Improving Agricultural Technology;
- Water Management, which includes healthy drinking water, irrigation and flood control;
- Construction of 3rd grade roads and connecting villages;
- And, Utilizing Renewable Energy.

In this meeting, beside the members of National Procurement Commission (NPC), the officials of the National Procurement Authority (NPA), the Transparency Observers from SIGAR, members of the Financial and Budgetary as well as the National Economy Commissions of the parliament, the Parliamentary Anti-Corruption Caucus (PACC), and the Combined Security Transition Command for Afghanistan (CSTC-A) of the Resolute Support; had also participated.