Bidding Opportunities

In this page you can find the information about the Bidding Opportunities in procuring entities of Afghanistan government. Please select the name of procuring entity and type of procurement and then click on the results button. You can also use the Dari version of the Bidding Opportunities module at the following link. Please Click here.

Procurement Entity
Entity Type

List of all bidding Opportunities.

Total number of Bidding Opportunities:128
NoMinistryTypeContractRefNoDescriptionEnClosing DateBid Doc
1Ministry of Education GoodsMOE/G-132/96Printing and supply of 165,000 text books for TTC of TED, MOE, Kabul Afghanistan30/08/2017 Download
2Ministry of Education GoodsMOE/W-131/96Printing and supply of 165,000 text books of TED, MOE, Kabul Afghanistan29/08/2017 Download
3Presidential Protective Service GoodsPPS/96/NCB/G-036Procurement of three vehicles11/09/2017 Download
5Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development WorksRRD/MOF/NRAP/NRHE/TKR/083/C2/001 اعمار 175 متر پل متشنج قبلی جوی شیخ بشمول 0.75 کیلو متر سرک اتصالی آن در ولسوالی تالقان ولایت تخار RRD/MOF/NRAP/NRHE/TKR/083/C2/00116/09/2017 Download
6Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development WorksRRD/MOF/NRAP/KBL/KBL/114/C2/001اعمار 2.5 کیلومتر سرک کانکریتی قلعه شانان جمال کوت همراه با ساختمان های آبرو آن بشمول 35 متر پل متشنج قبلی از سرک عمومی ارزان قیمت الی سرک عمومی کابل جلال آباد، ولسوالی بگرامی ولایت کابل RRD/MOF/NRAP/KBL/KBL/114/C2/001 17/09/2017 Download
7Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development WorksRRD/MOF/NRAP/EAST/NRN/057/C2/001اعمار 47.74 متر پل های آهنکانکریتی متشنج قبلی و آهنکانکریت گادری بشمول 0.22 کیلومتر سرک اتصالی آن در ولسوالی وانت وایگل ولایت نورستان RRD/MOF/NRAP/EAST/NRN/057/C2/00117/09/2017 Download
8Ministry of Finance Consultancy ServicesMOF/PPP-04/CS/CQSMarket Survey For PPP_-DG projects 10/09/2017 Download
9Ministry of Education GoodsMOE/G-136/96Procurement & supply of 34 No Items deffirent type of Lecture materials requirement of Science Center.11/09/2017 Download
10National Procurement AuthorityNon Consultancy ServicesNPA/MOI/96/NCS-1804/NCBProcuring of connection of 113 microwave and 3 vest sites of ministry of interior affairs17/09/2017 Download