Bidding Opportunities

In this page you can find the information about the Bidding Opportunities in procuring entities of Afghanistan government. Please select the name of procuring entity and type of procurement and then click on the results button. You can also use the Dari version of the Bidding Opportunities module at the following link. Please Click here.

Procurement Entity
Entity Type

List of all bidding Opportunities.

Total number of Bidding Opportunities:171
NoMinistryTypeContractRefNoDescriptionEnClosing DateBid Doc
1Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and LivestockGoodsMAIL/OFWMP/ICB/G-453 procurement of 84 Laser Land Levelar Units with all accessories including Transmitter, Laser Receiver, Control Panel/Box, Tripod Stand, Scraper and Battery05/08/2018 Download
2Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development WorksMRRD-331/R.PROGRAM-49/MOF-168/CC/KBL-97اعمار دیوار استنادی و دیوار گبیون،بطول 2378متر در قریه کخ حسین خیل و باباکرخیل ولسوالی سروبی ولایت کابل MRRD-331/R.PROGRAM-49/MOF-168/CC/KBL-9711/07/2018 Download
3Da Afghanistan Brishna ShirkatGoodsDABS/97/NCB/G-071تدارک یک پایه ستیپ لایزر 630kva مورد ضرورت کابل برشنا07/07/2018 Download
4Da Afghanistan Brishna ShirkatGoodsDABS/97/NCB/G-066-rebidتدارک مقدار 10000 لیتر تیل پطرول و 32000 لیتر دیزل مورد ضرورت وسایط کندز برشنا اعلان مجدد07/07/2018 Download
5National Procurement AuthorityConsultancy Services, NPA/MPW/97/Cs-2152/QCBSSelection of Preferred Technical Alternative and Preliminary Design for Upgrading the Torkham-Jalalabad-Kabul Highway into a Multilane, Dual-Carriageway Facilities15/07/2018 Download
6National Procurement AuthorityGoodsNPA/MOF/97/G-2059/ICBUpgrade of Flex cube and procurement of Hardware Upgrade28/07/2018 Download
7Ministry of Public Health Non Consultancy ServicesMOPH/HSS/1397/NCB/NCS5 07/07/2018 Download
8Ministry of Public Health GoodsMOPH/HCWMP/NCB/1397/G01 09/07/2018 Download
9Ministry of Defence Goods1397/MOD/G/N0047/22701    تهیه وتدارک (17)قلم مواد خام طباعتی مدیریت مطبعه ریاست مخابره ستردرستیز 02/07/2018 Download
10Ministry of Defence Goods1397/MOD/G/N0053/22413  تهیه وتدارک (62) قلم پرزه جات تخنیکی ماشین آلات طباعتی مدیریت مطبعه خدمات تخنیکی وحمایوی ریاست مخابره ستردرستیز 02/07/2018 Download